How works HIPRUN Pump?
With 150 micron prefiltration we remove the big dirt from the coolant.
After the main filtration of 5 Micron the coolant is passed through a cooler to main pump tank.

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HIPRUN Advantages
Chip control. Chip and heat removel with the chips by turning, drilling and milling operations.
Supports the chip break

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What is the difference of HIPRUN from their competitors?
70 and 140 bar pumps as standard
High quality at reasonable prices
Fast reaction time

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Work principle of HIPRUN

70-140bar High Pressure Pump Systems are used on modern CNC Turning and Milling Machines. The coolant influences the metal processing significantly.

Work principle of HIPRUN
The coolant is going through the gear pump and get compressed here. Afterwords passed by valves and tubes directly to cutting edge.

Tool life in crease with fine adjustable nozzles.

Helps during Cutting process.

Chip break seasier.

Reduces Costs due to shorter cutting process and higher toollife.

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